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From Foursquare-Infos.

Foursquare- The best way to creep the people around you and let everyone know where you are.  Good for the kid at heart and people who enjoy free stuff.  I feel that Foursquare is not for me personally.  If I am going into a restaurant, I already know I’m going to spend a certain amount of money, and I don’t need a coupon for a free something. I also don’t like the free advertising I am doing on behalf of the organization I’m visiting.  The platform makes me feel a little violated, I don’t enjoy strangers being able to see that I have checked in.  And I REALLY don’t care to become Mayor of Dairy Queen, even if I do go there twice a week.

From Blingcheese.

StumbleUpon-  The BEST way to lose track of time.  Browse everything from cute animals to contemporary art and the latest fashion blogs.  I found myself sharing absolutely everything I ‘stumbled upon’ with the people around me.  I absolutely love this website.  I enjoy the ‘like’ feature.  I don’t know how many groups of baby animal pictures I look at and I still wanted more. 

From AdRants.

QR codes- Interesting, the best use I have found for them is with a website called Pet Hub.  At this website you can purchase custom tags with QR codes for your pooch just in case he/she escapes.  When the code is scanned, the finder will see the profile you created for your furry friend.  I like it because it’s a quick and easy way to ensure your four-legged pal is returned to you without making a trip to the pound first.

My other experiences with QR codes are not as great.  I was in a Dairy Queen (yes I like frosties and this is the second mention of DQ in this post) and there was a QR code on the side of my cup. Curious I scanned the code and… nothing happened.  Apparently, that QR code wanted to only be read by a certain reader that was not free to download. This made me very unhappy, and I no longer cared where the code would take me.  Whatever Dairy Queen was trying to accomplish, the opposite was achieved. And I left with a bad taste in my mouth.

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