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Foursquare- The best way to creep the people around you and let everyone know where you are.  Good for the kid at heart and people who enjoy free stuff.  I feel that Foursquare is not for me personally.  If I am going into a restaurant, I already know I’m going to spend a certain amount of money, and I don’t need a coupon for a free something. I also don’t like the free advertising I am doing on behalf of the organization I’m visiting.  The platform makes me feel a little violated, I don’t enjoy strangers being able to see that I have checked in.  And I REALLY don’t care to become Mayor of Dairy Queen, even if I do go there twice a week.

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StumbleUpon-  The BEST way to lose track of time.  Browse everything from cute animals to contemporary art and the latest fashion blogs.  I found myself sharing absolutely everything I ‘stumbled upon’ with the people around me.  I absolutely love this website.  I enjoy the ‘like’ feature.  I don’t know how many groups of baby animal pictures I look at and I still wanted more. 

From AdRants.

QR codes- Interesting, the best use I have found for them is with a website called Pet Hub.  At this website you can purchase custom tags with QR codes for your pooch just in case he/she escapes.  When the code is scanned, the finder will see the profile you created for your furry friend.  I like it because it’s a quick and easy way to ensure your four-legged pal is returned to you without making a trip to the pound first.

My other experiences with QR codes are not as great.  I was in a Dairy Queen (yes I like frosties and this is the second mention of DQ in this post) and there was a QR code on the side of my cup. Curious I scanned the code and… nothing happened.  Apparently, that QR code wanted to only be read by a certain reader that was not free to download. This made me very unhappy, and I no longer cared where the code would take me.  Whatever Dairy Queen was trying to accomplish, the opposite was achieved. And I left with a bad taste in my mouth.


My top ten picks of the best social media and public relations blogs out there.

Here are my top ten favourite social media and public relations blogs.  I know I’m only revealing the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully my list will encourage you to look more deeply into the world that is pr blogging.

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Mashable  and Ragan’s PR Daily News I follow both on Twitter.  I feel that these sites offer more than just commentary on social media and public relations.  I am often reading their posts because they contain news.

Mashable has an easy to use layout, breaking down the categories (Social Media, Tech, Business, Entertainment and US & World) they cover into sub-categories.

Ragan’s offers a similar layout but with more content. They have a Crisis tab, and they have a Writing & Editing tab.  For the aspiring public relations practitioner, I find that this is the most helpful of all.  

PR Couture is the perfect blend of public relations and fashion, and therefore, I had to include it in my top ten.  With articles like, “How to Develop a Fashion PR Plan”, I know that this blog will be useful in the future and just fun to read for now.

Pro PR with Joseph Thornley made the cut as I searched for Canadian content.  His very impressive resume (15 years at Hill and Knowlton) played a determining factor in his inclusion on this list.

Social Media Examiner is just cute.  I know the little cartoon explorer cannot provide any information of value to me, but he is just so adorable.  Colourful mascots aside, Michael Stelzner has done a great job making the Examiner a leader in how to use social media platforms to your organization’s advantage.

Social Media Marketing is written by Scott Monty who is head of social media at Ford Motor Company.  I added his blog to my list of faves because he is known as a guru in his field.

The BrandBuilder Blog comes from the creative mind of Olivier Blanchard.  He made the cut because Blanchard speaks on points of effective brand development, marketing strategy and corporate social media engagement.

PR-Squared is written by Todd Defren.  I was first attracted to his blog by the name.  What kept me interested was the tab “Social Media Jedi Academy”, being a fellow Star Wars fan I was more than amused.

Spin Sucks is run by the people at Arment Dietrich.  I was intrigued by the name and as I did a little searching I realized that the purpose of this blog is to abolish the stigma of public relations practitioners being ‘spin doctors’.  I personally cringed when anyone in the field even says the ‘spin’, so this blog was a natural choice.  They also welcome guest bloggers, now that’s just cool.

Social Realist by Jennifer Mattern is, by far, the most amusing social media/public relations blog I have come across.  Her no-nonsense approach is dry and sarcastic and absolutely refreshing.  She enjoys pointing out what is wrong with social media as we as, writing resource suggestions, reviews, tutorials and answers to reader questions.

This blogger gets an honourable mention.  Lindsey Bell, one of my favourite social media bloggers because she writes in a quirky style and often comments, and blogs, about other bloggers!  Unfortunately, I cannot subscribe to her, but I do follow her on Twitter (#ff belllindsey), and her tweets are fabulous.  I suggest you follower her too.


Visual words.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines latest social media campaign, “KLM Live Reply.”  It is absolutely fantastic!

Read the article and watch the video, you will be inspired.

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