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An apology

From The Rockie Road by Kevin

Before attempting to write a post positioning myself as the CEO of a make believe gadget company, I felt that doing some background research was necessary.

I took a look at 15 Excellent Corporate Blogs to Learn From on Mashable. 

I also looked at Top Ten Smart CEO Blogs (You Can Learn From) and finally, Are these the 10 Best Corporate Blogs in the World?

What I came to realize is that corporate blogging has become an essential process in the ongoing management of a corporation’s reputation.  Further, in responding to a company wide crisis is it no longer enough to issue a press release or to hold a press conference.  Blogging offers a response to your consumer within minutes of the story reaching media outlets. 

So after all of that, this is my statement of apology to customers.  A new toy, called the Little Helper Robot, has gone haywire due to malfunctioning gears causing overheating and other forms of bodily harm.  Me, being the CEO of PourlyMadeGadgets, posted this on my blog to address our loyal customers.

To our most valued customers,

As a gadget and robot lover myself, I know there is nothing more important than the proper functioning of a brand new toy.  Therefore, PourlyMadeGadgets has recalled the Little Helper Robot for two reasons.  The first is the apparent overheating of the mechanical gear boxes, causing subsequent burning. After the overheating of the toy’s inner workings, the robot seems to lash out and grab the clothing and flesh of the user, causing scratching and, in some cases, severe lacerations on the skin.

I would like to offer my sincerest of apologies to the customers who have been affected by this most atrocious mistake in our manufacturing process. 

I would also like to guarantee that every gadget connoisseur is informed of these issues immediately, and returns the products involve to us at their earliest convenience.  Please know that we have already taken considerable actions to verify the safety of our devices. 

Also know that we at PourlyMadeGadgets will be making improvements for the future.  For our manufacturing processes, we will be immediately employing a strengthened point check system.  First, we will be purchasing the highest grade parts for all of our future designs.  Second, we will be testing every group of finished devices to guarantee compliance before they leave the production plant.  Third, we will be increasing inspections in our vendor facilities throughout the production process.  Also, we will be meeting with all of our vendors to guarantee they understand the heightened procedures and the requirement for adherence. 

I understand that these recalls are disappointing, and I would like you, the customer, to understand that I am resolved to ensure that another unfortunate situation such as this does not arise again.  

It is due to our trusted name in the gadget world that consumers continue to purchase our fine products. I sincerely apologize for this unfortunate situation, and I promise you PourlyMadeGadgets will continue to work hard to enforce the highest levels of safety and quality to uphold your trust in us. 

Thank you,


Joshua Geekerbot, CEO of PourlyMadeGadgets, Inc.


Falling down the pin hole


With new social media platforms popping up every day, it’s hard to keep up.  So when a friend told me about Pinterest a few months ago, I admit, I was interested but skeptical.   So I checked it out as per her invitation. It seemed ‘cute’ at first and then, boom, full on addiction. I pin daily… I’m a constant ‘pinner’.  I ventured down the rabbit hole and I haven’t looked back! I love this wonderland of things.  I adore seeing people repining my pins!

I can spend hours looking at other’s pin boards, gathering ideas, ‘liking’ their pins.  It’s as if the internet exploded and all the images where thrown into virtual limbo and I’m the only one who can organize them! (Yes, I have a bit of an organization fetish)

The best part of Pinterest is the Pin it button you can add to your browser.  It makes pinning that much easier.  See something you like in your web travels, pin it!  An article, pin it! A cute cocktail dress, pin it!

It does, however, have some issues with the mobile app. (Yes, I pin on the go) I find that when browsing through images they repeat themselves, three maybe four times.  This is an issue.  For someone who is constantly looking for new pins, I can’t stand seeing repeats. That being said, Pinterest is the faster growing social media website in history. I suggest you try it.  Seriously, go down the pin hole.

Skating with friends (Taken with instagram)

Skating with friends (Taken with instagram)

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